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Summary of qualifications:

TECSMITH, Inc is an environmental services company that specializes in water and wastewater monitoring. Established in 1996, we annually manage more than 200 flow meters for engineering studies, municipal billing, and industrial compliance.

Marc Smith is the founder and President of TECSMITH, Inc. He has been involved in sanitary and storm sewer flow monitoring projects since 1976. Marc is directly involved in managing all flow monitoring projects.

With nearly 35-years of flow monitoring experience, Marc is considered an expert in open channel flow measurement. He has been directly involved in the development of the American Sigma flow meters and he and his technicians have extensive experience with all major manufacturer’s flow meters, which include Isco, Marsh – McBirney, Badger and others.

TECSMITH has been involved in projects using advanced communication technology, such as:

Flow meters equipped with wireless modems linked through Internet / Pager system to alarm WWTF personnel of active CSOs.

Flow meters equipped with wireless modems linked to PC programmed for daily data download, high flow alarm, and current status check.

Flow meters connected to WWTF SCADA systems.

Flow meters with dial up modems (older but still effective technology and a must have in certain regions of poor wireless service).

Assisted American Sigma engineers with design and development of flow meter models: 910, 920, 930, and 950.

Field tested all American Sigma flow meter models during development stages.

Trained American Sigma technical support personnel in troubleshooting and field applications.

50-years of combined key personnel experience in providing flow meter services for engineering studies including: Inflow / Infiltration Studies (I / I), Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), and Storm and Sanitary Sewer Overflow Studies (SSO and CSO).

Sampling and flow measurement services for Industrial wastewater discharge compliance.

Confined space entry trained..