President’s message…

Hi, I’m Marc Smith, president and owner of TECsmith, Inc.  I want to tell you about my company…what we do and why we do it.

While the majority of our work includes water and wastewater sampling, testing, and flow measurement; this does not define everything we do. We consider ourselves a technical services contractor. Our job is to provide technical data to aid in environmental compliance; and sewer system assessment, evaluation, and design. We service the industrial, municipal, and commercial development markets.

We spend most of our time in and around sewer systems, hence the manhole design of our logo.  We pride ourselves in helping to solve problems and tackling the difficult projects. That’s why our specialty is open channel flow measurement, a challenging endeavor considering the dynamics of design, construction, and hydraulics.  Each sewer system is unique and very rarely designed with flow measurement in mind.  We understand flow measurement and the technology associated with metering systems.  This knowledge and our many years of experience gives us a great advantage in applying the appropriate equipment to the hydraulic conditions…which results in reliable flow data for our clients.

Industrial wastewater sampling and testing associated with compliance monitoring and pretreatment is also an area in which we excel.  If our client has a compliance issue with wastewater discharge, we are there to help troubleshoot their operations to find and address the problem. We work closely with the respective regulatory agencies to provide the data and reports they require to be assured our clients are compliant. We have a strong association with environmental testing laboratories that support our work in wastewater compliance.

Like I mentioned before…our services involve much more, which are outlined on the “Services” tab, but I feel the need to speak of our exemplary safety record. All our technicians are trained to work safely in manholes, traffic situations, and on industrial sites.  We work in sewer manholes each day and follow a strict safety program with the proper equipment that meets OSHA guidelines.  Our safety program emphasizes, “don’t put yourself, your partner, the public, or our client at risk”.  Our ability to work safely in sanitary sewer manholes has given us opportunities to do some amazing work.

So, check us out…if you have a question, give me a call. If you have a project, give us an opportunity to help you…that’s what we do best.

I’ve been doing this work for over 35-years.  I’m a child of the Clean Water Act and the Superfund Environmental Cleanups.  Our technicians are top notch.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide our environmental and technical services for your project.  Give us a call…we can help.



Marc W. Smith, President.